Thrash of the Titans: Our Boys With Level 1

“13 Years deep and this is the most talented crew of Finalists we’ve seen yet.” This is what Owner/Director at Level 1, Josh Berman said about the talented participants in this year’s SuperUnknown ski competition. If you’re not familiar, Level 1 is awesome. It is a media outlet centered on gathering/creating content for all of the most talented people in the ski industry. One thing that sets Level 1 apart is that they put just as much effort into finding and showcasing the young, up and coming skiers as they do the pros.  We are super hyped that TWO of our homies from the Mole Squad just recently participated in the finals for Level 1 SuperUnknown XIII. Mike Cappola and Sam Zahner, two well polished park rats nothing short of presidential. We’re really happy that your talents are being seen and recognized by some key players, you guys deserve it. Thanks for all the support, boys!


Raiders of the Lost Park-Whistler with LandYachtz


It has been been a few weeks now, but we need to stop an take a minute to say one more thank you to our friends at LandYachtz up in the great, white North. When Liam invited us up to their annual company launch party, we didn’t ask any questions. We loaded up the car, drove 17 hours, and got to LandYachtz HQ just in time to load on a bus with all the employees and ride up to Whistler with them.

It was BE headwear’s first time skiing at Whistler. Nick used to spend summers there working on the mountain bike trails, but never winters. Needless to say, the mountain did not disappoint, and neither did the company. We skied the mountain all day with our new friends and the terrain never got boring, or even familiar. All of our LandYachtz homies were riding their new signature snow skate. If you don’t know what that is, go check it out at Its a lot of fun, and anyone who loves sliding down snow should try it at least once.

Everyone at LY was so good to us, and obviously, you never take something without leaving something in its place that is hopefully a similar size and shape, so of course we didn’t show up empty handed. On the bus ride up to Whistler, we handed out Bluetooth beanies  for all. Everyone got synced up and used their beanies and/or BE Links for the rest of the day. The whole crew seemed pretty hyped about the prospect of being able to use the BE Links to bluetooth any of their skate/longboard helmets. Obviously, we hope everyone is just as pumped about using our product to take their music with them everywhere they go. And, with the upcoming release of our 4th generation speakers, that experience will become even more convenient and enjoyable. Our Kickstarter for the redesigned and totally improved Bluetooth speaker unit is set to launch at the end of this month. We invite everyone who wants to support the campaign, and wants to get their hands on the product as early as possible, and as cheap as possible, to go to our homepage: WWW.BEHEADWEAR.COM and sign up for the our email list so you can stay updated on the launch process and the campaign. Thank you to everyone for supporting our brand, Keep shredding!


Old Man Park Slam: Our First Death Wish


Here at BE Headwear, we recently made an important decision. We’ve been working a lot lately. Traveling non stop, gathering new content, running support for our partners over in Europe, and chasing down pre-book orders for next season. Of course its good to be busy, and has been an awesome grind, but we have found ourselves separated from activities that inspire us and help us remain familiar with the industry. We knew something had to be done. This morning marked the first installment of Old Man Park Slam. All of us old dogs here at BE are going to try learning new tricks by spending time at the local skate parks a couple mornings every week.

This morning, being our first one, was very telling. It was obvious that no one has spent any time in a skate park in a while and were happy to be there early enough that pretty much no one else was around. If we had to deliver official analytics, it was probably 40% “good tries”, 40% water breaks, and 20% yelling “SKATE OR DIE”. It felt great to be out though. We rolled into the office super hyped, ready to work, and a little sore in the knees.

To any of our local people looking for a solid start to their day, we’ll always invite you to join us in the mornings for Old Man Park Slam, even if you’re not an old man. Make sure you follow our Snapchat account @beheadwear to find out when and where we’re meeting. If you’re not local, we encourage you to do it anyway. Get out on your boards, bikes, scooters, skates, whatever. Get to the park, do what you love, stretch yourself, and only get hurt every once in a while.

GET ‘EM!!!

–BE Headwear

BE Blog: First Blood

This is our first blog post ever here at BE Headwear, and much like the first beanie we ever sold, its going to be awesome. So it only seems fit that we kick things off with one of our truest homies.  A man we deem to be a Sultan of shred; a Governor of gas; even the John J. Rambo of the mountain: Rob Bittner. A veteran of the East coast, Bittner found his way to the slopes of Colorado and it has been nothing but heavy artillery ever since. You’ll note that Rob’s personal favorite is a black Diver Down beanie that’s brutally faded from hours of cord free soundtrack to shredding in the sun. This is his most recent edit posted to New Schoolers and we share it now for your viewing pleasure. Make sure you keep up with Rob and the rest of the Mole Squad on Instagram @mole.squad. Bittner, thanks for going hard and always taking us with you.